About Us

My name is Jess, I founded The Green Scoop over a year ago when I began my journey and received the keys to our brick and mortar shop in Carmarthen Town Centre. I hadn’t been officially self-employed before and many things were new and exciting. I had a mission to tackle plastic and food waste - starting in my home town sounded like a good place to begin.

We opened our doors on the 4th of May 2019, to give the people of Carmarthen an alternative method of shopping. One without all that plastic waste and unnecessary packaging that you get in the supermarkets. We set out to be different, to do things differently and to get back to our countries awesome sense of community.

We offer a wide range of dried foods - such as herbs & spices, pulses, cereals, baking goods, pasta and rice - and refillable liquids - like cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner and vinegars. In the shop, we also have fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Calon Wen Butter and Glass Bottled Milk. Not to mention all of our alternative every day items like washing up loofahs to organic skincare. We’re expanding our range all the time!

We Crowdfunded and succeeded!

Last year, we successfully raised £16,535 from Crowdfunding for our new Community Hub Cafe. This will be a space for learning, connections, community and social events. We plan to launch a Pay it Forward Scheme so drinks and/or meals can be bought and reserved for those who need it most. You’ll be able to get locally roasted coffee from Coaltown, fresh meals made with local produce from our kitchen and munch on delicious homemade cakes.

The money rouse went to renovating the kitchen - making it suitable for a commercial kitchen - and towards decorating the sitting space. We’ve been working on it for many months now, with many stressful moments, some tears and quite a few people involved (thanks to all the tradesmen who helped us) - we’re almost near the finishing line.

Then Covid-19 struck. We’re still planning to open our hub - but we can’t while the virus is spreading throughout the country. As soon as we’re able, we’ll let you all know via our Social Media’s.